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You have a right to choose

If you or a loved one needs home nursing care, hospice or additional support at home, it's your right to choose which home health care company will provide the care. Let your doctor or hospital liaison know prior to being discharged from the hospital.

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"I always felt Care Corp had the key ingredient of success - quality service. Their staff is not afraid to work hard. Thanks to this formula of hard work and quality service, Care Corp has been truly successful in offering excellent health care to residents of Geauga County. It's compassionate, quality, local care!"
Dr. Robert Evans
Care Corp Medical Director
Former Chief of Staff, Geauga Hospital


Care with a gentle touch

Care Corporation is a leading provider of skilled, compassionate, affordable home nursing and health care services in Geauga County. Men, women and children, regardless of age or most health conditions, can remain independent and benefit from the exceptional medical care provided through our experienced team of licensed, registered nurses, therapists, social worker, home health aides, homemakers, sitter/companions, and support staff. Care Corp offers comprehensive care 24 hours a day, every day of the year. You (or your loved one) can rest assured knowing you will receive the best possible care, in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

A smooth transition and continuity of your home routine is important upon discharge from a hospital. That's why a registered nurse will be with you, offering the support and gentle reassurance you may need as you return home again. She will answer questions you may have and explain your doctor's care plan. She will also arrange delivery of needed equipment, medications and supplies in accordance with your doctor's orders. Lastly, she will act as a liaison to let your doctor know how you are progressing and inform him or her of any change in your health. Every effort is made to have the same nurse visit your home on each visit, so you feel comfortable. We hope she will become your friend!

Reasons why you should Choose Care Corporation?

  • Care Corp is the only home health care agency in Geauga County that provides a full range of home health services 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Our nurses routinely open cases within 24 hours of referral or the same day when necessary.

  • Most of our nurses have more than 20 years of nursing experience in hospital Emergency Rooms, Critical Care or Intensive Care Units.

  • Most of our staff are local residents of Geauga County — we're your neighbors and friends with the same family values.

  • Care Corp has a proven track record of providing excellent, compassionate home care for more than two decades.

  • We'll be there when you need us — whether at 6 a.m. or 11 p.m. Skilled nurses and medical professionals will be at your home.

  • Our caregivers are friendly and pleasant.

  • Local physicians consistently compliment our staff on their professionalism, medical knowledge, and attention to detail.

  • All Care Corp employees are licensed and/or certified and insured. Care Corp is fully accredited by the National League of Nurses Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP), licensed for Hospice through the Ohio Department of Health, and certified by Medicare/Medicaid.

  • Lastly, our staff is encouraging. They'll give you confidence in yourself!
Ask your doctor if home health care is an option for you or your loved one.
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